Senior Bowl ramps up Miami Dolphins quarterback draft talk

The Senior Bowl practices have begun and the Miami Dolphins are once again in the discussion for potential quarterbacks in April’s draft.

When the Miami Dolphins are on the clock in April’s draft there will be speculation once again that they will target a quarterback. The Dolphins passed on one last year including Lamar Jackson but no one is complaining about Minkah Fitzpatrick. Not even owner Stephen Ross.

There is uncertainty with the future of Ryan Tannehill and his time could come to an end in the next two months. The team is expected to move on from their quarterback of seven years but will it be this year or will it be next?

The Dolphins contingent at the Senior Bowl have started talking with players and one of those, Drew Lock of Missouri entered the Dolphins interview room to find Dan Marino involved in the process. He was a little star struck to say the least.

While Lock is a player that many are watching closely there is no guarantee that the Dolphins will move up, move down, or stay put to take a signal caller in 2019. In fact, they probably shouldn’t but sometimes you can’t pass on a guy that intrigues you.

For the Dolphins expectations in 2019 are not going to be high but until the team actually starts making moves to the roster and showing signs of a significant investment in rebuilding no one will know for certain what plans they have for the draft and for the season.

Miami will not “tank” as some have suggested but even with a rookie quarterback the expectations will be low. That’s fine for most people. The 2020 draft is considered to have more talent at the quarterback position and Miami could pass on a QB this year and target one the following season.

That being said if the Dolphins do happen to find a quarterback in this class next year could prove very interesting giving the talent level coming out and a potential top five draft pick should the Dolphins flounder in 2019. With a quarterback on the roster for the future, a high draft pick in 2020 could translate to a trade which could get the Dolphins more draft picks including a potential first round extra pick in 2021.

While Miami isn’t really expected to go quarterback in round one there is no reason they can’t look at round two for one. In the event they do draft a quarterback they could have two years to evaluate the talent and if they do trade out of that potential top five in 2020 they may be in position to take Trevor Lawrence if he continue to develop at the rate many expect.

For now there is nothing that is pointing to any decisions by the Dolphins and unlike last off-season quarterback isn’t being mentioned as a must select. Which is ironic since last year they skipped the position entirely.

Miami will continue to do their due diligence on all of the players during Senior Bowl week as they have needs almost across the board. One thing is for certain, by the time the draft rolls around, the Dolphins are going to be a team that is mentioned often with the QB position.