More of the Super Bowl NFL’s 100th season ad with Miami Dolphins

The NFL's 100th season Super Bowl commercial featured three 72 Dolphins - Image courtesy of the NFL
The NFL's 100th season Super Bowl commercial featured three 72 Dolphins - Image courtesy of the NFL /

The Super Bowl is the NFL’s premier event of the year but the commercials have always been a big part of it. This year the NFL’s 100th season ad stole their own show.

When the Super Bowl aired the commercials were not as good as they were say a decade ago but at least this time they were not all about political agendas. With little humor or maybe I’m just old it was the NFL’s 100th season ad  that really stole the show.

If you didn’t see it google it, you are missing out. Roger Goodell welcomes NFL greats to the NFL’s 100th season, which by the way ends in Miami next year for the big game. Things are looking good and dapper until Marshawn Lynch decides he wants to taste the icing on the cake and falls into it knocking the football off the top. Nevermind, view it below.

Legends of the game made appearances most short ones but historic nonetheless. The ad was directed by motion picture director Peter Berg and it became an instant classic. From Peyton Manning and Ndamukong Suh to three legends of the 1972 Miami Dolphins, Larry Little, Larry Csonka, and Paul Warfield.

In the ad the Miami Dolphins are the only players without black ties and tuxedos instead wearing their aqua jackets to signify that they were part of the greatest football team that has ever graced the field. Sorry Patriots but you came up one game short of immortality no matter how many Super Bowls you won. In fact, ask yourself this, how many Super Bowls have you won that are still being discussed around the water cooler each season? How many times through a season is the 1972 undefeated Dolphins mentioned.  Mic drop!

The commercial was a lot of fun and so much so that there is now a behind the scenes look at the making of that commercial that ads a little more umph to the whole thing. Personally, I wouldn’t mind seeing a two hour making of video that would really drive home the fact that so many NFL great were presented here. Hell even Tom Brady’s short clip was funny.

You can view the new behind the scenes video below.

Seeing so many legends and the laughing and camaraderie of them tells a different side of the NFL that we rarely get to see. Take the time to watch it, it’s a lot of fun and we get some more of our Dolphins.