Breaking down Miami Dolphins Brian Flores’ impressive coaching staff

Brian Flores is introduced as the Miami Dolphins head coach - image courtesy of the Miami Dolphins
Brian Flores is introduced as the Miami Dolphins head coach - image courtesy of the Miami Dolphins /
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The Miami Dolphins have a full coaching staff once again as Brian Flores has filled out his staff officially after being named head coach.

On Friday the pieces finally fell into place with the hiring of the 16 coaches that will be tasked with building the Miami Dolphins franchise into something that is far better than mediocre. Since being hired officially last Monday, Brian Flores has been filling out his coaching staff and we finally have an idea of who he was able to bring with him to Miami.

Before we dive into the new hires it should be noted that Flores did something that his former defensive coordinator Matt Patricia did not. He brought three other New England Patriot coaches with him. In some circles this is a surprise given how rare it is for Bill Belichick to let his staff leave with other coaching promotions.

In the NFL a coach can not be held back from a promotion but Bill Belichick always seems to find a new title and responsibilities to give the coaches or a nice pay raise to keep them with him in New England. Most of the time he is able to convince them to stay willingly because he can’t block them. Last year was a prime example of this when he was able to convince Josh McDaniels to stay on another season or two. Perhaps lining him up to be the next New England head coach.

Flores is joined but staff that is used to winning but they also come with inexperience at the levels of which they will be coaching. That could be a good thing or a bad thing. For the Dolphins however who are expected to re-build it will give the new coaches time to adjust in their new roles before being truly evaluated for success.

Here is a look at the coaching staff of Brian Flores, their history, and thoughts on what they will bring to the Miami Dolphins.