Miami Dolphins Chris Grier says talks with Ja’Wuan James will begin soon


The Miami Dolphins have been quite quiet on the Ja’Wuan James front but now that the league new year is just around the corner, things are heating up.

To say that things between the Miami Dolphins and Ja’Wuan James are heating up is a bit of an exaggeration. Chris Grier while speaking with media today at the NFL Combine said that they would like to get James back and that “talks will begin soon”.

James had a bit of a down season in 2018 but still graded very well. The Dolphins had hoped to extend him last year but he turned down an offer and played on his 5th year option. The risk will now reap its reward as James could enter free agency as the top right tackle on the market.

While Chris Grier says that talks with James’ camp will begin soon it does not mean that re-signing him his imminent. James’ camp will have that knowledge of his likely market value as they will have gauged potential interest at the Combine. If the Dolphins can’t meet or won’t meet the asking price, no deal will get done.

The entire situation is fluid at the moment and the fact that talks have not begun yet indicate that the Dolphins view the next week and a half as enough to get the job done or simply let it go. Free agency begins on March 13th so the Dolphins window on all of their impending free agents is starting to close.

On the other hand the Dolphins should be pretty confident that a deal could get done because they should have an idea of what James’ asking price could be. Miami simply has to weigh the value of that deal with keeping him. If the Dolphins are in fact hoping to be all in on a left-handed quarterback then James would become the blindside blocker for that QB.

The next two weeks is going to be very interesting.