Josh Rosen could join Miami Dolphins by end of the night


The Miami Dolphins may have a new quarterback by the end of the night and it may just be Josh Rosen in a trade with the Cardinals.

There is speculation growing that the Cardinals will indeed move Rosen if they draft Kyler Murray at number and that trade partner might just be the Miami Dolphins.

As the draft grows near the Dolphins are gaining more momentum in the rumor/speculation talk as a landing spot for Josh Rosen. Fans are talking about the scenarios and the media continues to say that the Dolphins are one of possibly only two teams interested. The other being the New York Giants.

How this would play out in Miami’s favor is for the Cardinals to take Murray with pick one and then if the Giants draft a quarterback with their first pick in round one, the Dolphins will become the likely landing spot. When the Giants are on the clock it will get interesting because the Cardinals could keep them on the phone to work out a trade for Rosen.

The current thinking is that Rosen will command at least a 3rd while some believe the Cardinals who want a first will settle for a second. That being said, if the Giants take a QB at number 6 and the Cardinals have Murray wrapped up, the value for Rosen is going to plummet because the Dolphins may be the only team left to negotiate with.

Trading for Rosen isn’t a bad thing if the Dolphins can get him for a 3rd. If they play him throughout 2019 and see he can handle the workload at this level they may have their franchise QB. If not they have a back-up with starting experience and can draft a QB in 2020. It would make a lot of sense. Will the Dolphins do it? That is what we remain to see.

What could also happen is that the Dolphins drop from 13 and acquire more picks and use one of those to land Rosen. A lot of options are going to be on the board tonight.