Andrew Van Ginkel will wear the number 43 in 2019

New Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel now has his NFL jersey number. He will wear the number 43 at least through camp and 2019.

The number 43 is a good change for the linebacker who wore the number 17 in college at Wisconsin. The Miami Dolphins last gave the number 17 to everyone’s favorite QB, Ryan Tannehill.

There has not been a lot of players to wear the number 43 in Miami Dolphins history but the first person to wear it dates all the way back to the inaugural season in 1966. Bob Neff wore the number to kick-off the franchise from ’66 to ’68. That same season in ’68 Dick Washington split the season with him. In 1972 it was Mike Howell.

It got better for old 43 in 1982 when CB Paul Lankford wore it until 1991. Then it was Bobby Humphrey for a year, Aaron Craver for a year, and finally, Rob Konrad in 1999 managed to hold on to the uniform number until 2004.

The last time the uniform was worn was in 2017 when Stephone Anthony donned the number for a short period of time.

Van Ginkel has a lot to prove but he has the athleticism that Brian Flores is looking for on defense. He is physical and reads the offense well. He will be a linebacker who can line up on both the weak and strong side which will allow Flores to use multiple look schemes.

Drafted in round five, Van Ginkel will start out as a utility linebacker and compete for playing time with Jerome Brown and Kiko Alonso. He has a very good knack for getting the quarterback and has a good first step.