4th round picks that didn’t pan out for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins had some fourth-round picks that just didn’t work out as is the case for many mid-round draft picks.

Since the 2000 NFL Draft, the Miami Dolphins have wasted some 4th round picks that they probably wish they could have back. Some simply didn’t fit the system while others simply had no business being drafted at all.

2004 – Will Poole

The defensive back was not very good. In fact, he lasted only one season with the Dolphins and showed enough on the playing field in his 15 game appearance to show other teams that he wasn’t very good. Poole lasted one year in the NFL.

2005 – Travis Daniels

The Dolphins must have felt really bad about blowing a pick on Poole a year earlier so they decided to give him company and draft Daniels a year later. The good news is, Daniels was never as bad as Poole. He spent three seasons with Miami before being traded to the Browns. He started 25 games but really never developed until after he left Miami. Daniels would spend one season in Cleveland and then four in Kansas City.

2006 – Joe Toledo

Toledo could have won the right guard job but a knee injury landed him on IR and then the PuP list. He played one game in pre-season but never made the roster eventually being cut for good in 2008. He would spend time with the Packers, 49’ers, Chargers, and Eagles through 2011 but never made any of their rosters.

2008 – Shawn Murphy

To this day I still believe that Murphy was drafted as a favor to his father Dale Murphy from Bill Parcells. The pick was a surprise then but no surprise that he didn’t work out. The offensive tackle didn’t make it through the Dolphins training camp and on to the team’s roster. He spent his rookie season with Tampa and that was his only season in the NFL.

2010 – A.J. Edds

In 2011 the Miami Dolphins believed they had a pretty good pick with Edds and it may have been a better outcome had he not injured himself. Edds would not make it through camp and was released. He would spend his rookie season with both New England and Indianapolis where he would play in 2012. He missed all of 2013 and spent time with two teams, Jacksonville and the Jets in 2014 before being out of the league.

2011 – Clyde Gates

Gates appeared in 15 games for the Dolphins at wide-receiver during his rookie year. He posted 2 receptions for 19 yards. Then his career in Miami was over. A poor draft pick from day one, Gates never came close to his college projections. He spent two seasons with the Jets where he at least caught 28 passes over those two seasons.

2015 – Jamil Douglas

Douglas started six games in his rookie season but probably shouldn’t have. In 2016 he appeared in one game. Douglas couldn’t pick-up the NFL speed and was on his way out the day he got here. In 2016, Douglas became a member of the trifecta of offensive lineman released by Adam Gase early in the season. The other two were Dallas Thomas and Billy Turner.