Former Miami Dolphins HC Adam Gase gains power with Jets

The Miami Dolphins didn’t see enough in Adam Gase and his thirst for control so they let him go now he has that power in New York.

Adam Gase is no longer a headache for the Miami Dolphins internally but he could be in the division. In New York, Gase was butting heads with general manager Mike Maccagnan but that has come to an abrupt end.

The New York Jets fired Maccagnan today according to multiple sources and Adam Gase has been given the interim general manager duties and full control over the football team. For those of us in Miami who know what Gase can do, it is a recipe for implosion.

Gase watched as Maccagnan ran the free agency and drafts for the Jets but now we have to wonder what input Gase had then and if Maccagnan was only a figurehead during that time period. Now that Gase is in control of more than just the roster itself, it will be interesting to see what he does with it.

One thing is certain, nothing in Gase’s coaching career at any NFL stop has warranted him being handed the job of general manager to go with his coaching. He must have persuaded ownership that he wanted it his way. Something again that we saw plenty of in Miami.

Gase was reported to have had several run-ins with owner Stephen Ross after losses and the final piece to his departure may have come towards the end of last season when he didn’t see eye to eye on the future of the franchise under his watch.

Now we can sit back and watch as Gase tries to get the Jets relevant but it may not turn out the way fans may want. Gase is strong headed and doesn’t take criticism or critiques well and he also doesn’t take input from others who he believes are less educated on football, to put it nicely.

Gase will be the interim G.M. as ownership searches for a full-time replacement but that new general manager will also likely be picked with a lot of Gase input and how much control that G.M. will have will be something to keep an eye on.

The AFC East is going to be very interesting.


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