Former Miami Dolphins Adam Gase proving Stephen Ross was right

The Miami Dolphins are looking smarter by the day when it comes to firing former head coach Adam Gase and Dolphins fans can’t be happier.

When the 2018 Miami Dolphins season came to a close there was a lot of speculation on the future of head coach Adam Gase. Popular opinion from the local beat writers had Mike Tannenbaum being fired and Chris Grier being promoted. Both of those came true. Adam Gase was supposed to get another season. That part didn’t happen.

According to multiple reports at the time, Gase and the Dolphins brass simply didn’t see eye to eye. It is something that he has taken along with him to New York where the local media in the Big Apple are having a field day.

The contentious situation with the New York Jets and Adam Gase is making Dolphins fans smile and every day, morning coffee is becoming more enjoyable at the circus that is unfolding in one of the Dolphins biggest rivals headquarters.

We talked a while back about the Jets firing General Manager Mike Maccagnon and we also talked about how Gase moved into the G.M. role if only until the team finds a permanent solution.

Gase immediately took that “temporary” role and fired one of the teams long standing scouts. A firing that led local media to question Gase. For Dolphins fans, we all know that Gase’s press conferences can be, entertaining, if nothing more. Unlike some coaches who simply don’t want to give out information, Gase was confusing.

The local media in New York continue to roast Gase, especially New York Daily News beat writer Manish Mehta who wrote a piece on Adam Gase’s “Brave New World of No Accountability“.

While none of this has much to do with the Miami Dolphins, it is adding validity to Stephen Ross’ decision to move into a different direction. Ross has often been judged for holding coaches a year too long but if anyone is still wondering if Adam Gase’s firing was wrong, they shouldn’t anymore. The Jets are heading for a trainwreck under Adam Gase and Dolphins fans can’t be happier.