The best Miami Dolphins wide-receivers since 2000

The Miami Dolphins have had some very good wide-receivers since the year 2000 but who stands out as the best of those receivers?

With erratic play from the quarterback position, it’s been hard to properly evaluate the Miami Dolphins wide receiving corp.

The Miami Dolphins organization is long removed from the days of the “Mark Brothers”.  One has to wonder though if they were great in their own right or if they were products of having Dan Marino as their quarterback?

Since then, the franchise has seen a long list of wide receivers come through the franchise with only a handful really making an impression.  While that is bad news for the franchise, it makes compiling a list of top three wide receivers in the past 20 years a pretty easy task.

  • Honorable mention:  Brian Hartline – who accumulated 4243 receiving yards in 6 seasons with the team but really only had two good years (2012 and 2013) and never had more than 4 TDs in a season.

(3)  Kenny Stills

It seems weird to think that Stills is the third best wide receiver of the past two decades but the more you look at the stats, the clearer it becomes.  While Hartline accumulated more yards and receptions, Stills has double the touchdowns Hartline produced; in two fewer seasons.  He may not have been Tannehill’s top target over the past four years but he was certainly the most productive if scoring is what matters most to you.

(2)  Jarvis Landry

The next spot on the list goes to the player that was Tannehill’s top target.  Landry parlayed his 400 catches and 4038 yards into four Pro Bowl selections.  While he wasn’t as productive in the ‘red zone’ as the team might have liked, Landry was the “go-to guy” on 3rd down and seemed to always get open.

(1)  Chris Chambers

Chambers is the best receiver of the past 20 years because, unlike the others on the list, he was able to do it all.  (A)  Like Landry and Hartline, he was the #1 option when he was on the field.  (B)  Like Stills, he was Miami’s deep threat (14 yards per reception).  (C)  And, like Stills, he found the endzone with regularity (43).

When his seven year stint in Miami was over, Chambers finished 4th in receptions (405), 3rd in receiving yards (5688) and 3rd in receiving TDs.

In case you forgot, or don’t know, the only players ahead of Chambers on the list?

Mark Clayton and Mark Duper

And  Chambers didn’t have Marino throwing him the ball.