Kenny Stills wants Miami Dolphins retro uniforms permanent


The Miami Dolphins want you to enjoy the throwback uniforms. Dolphins fans want them to be permanent. So does Kenny Stills.

Adam Gase used to stand at the podium taking questions wearing the original Miami Dolphins logo on his hat and shirt. Tom Garfinkel petitioned the league for a third game in the retro uniforms in 2018. Just about every fan wants the Dolphins in those uniforms including receiver Kenny Stills who reached out on social media to make his plea for the return.

We get it, players want to look good on game days and frankly, there is nothing better in the entire NFL than the Miami Dolphins all-white uniforms that date back to the teams origin. While Still may be hoping retweets will do the trick, it is almost a 100% certainty that the Dolphins will only continue to wear the uniforms as retros.

A friend of mine put it into great context for me when we talked about the Dolphins returning to the old style of uniforms. As he put it, new owners will often change things up. It is their fingerprint on the franchise that makes it their own.

That makes a lot of sense and it also makes sense why we won’t see a permanent change until the team falls into someone elses hands. That is not a dig on Stephen Ross. This is his team and honestly, I like the new logo far more than the one it replaced, just nowhere near as much as the original.

A year before Tom Garfinkel took over the CEO role with the team, Mike Dee who served in that capacity told a bunch of us that the “new logo” would make the old one a collectors item. That it did and fans continue to buy present day players retro uniforms. Which by the way are on sale now at the Miami Dolphins online team shop.

While fans don’t have the power to change an owners mind, maybe the players can get inside the head of the owner a bit more. Truth be told, the Dolphins should be in these uniforms permanently and that would be an even bigger stamp to the fingerprint of Stephen Ross on this team. The owner who brought back tradition.