What you can really expect from the 2019 Miami Dolphins

Training camp for the Miami Dolphins is still a month away. The schedule for camp should be out soon but expectations for 2019 remain low.

When looking at the Miami Dolphins 2019 season, what should you realistically expect from the Dolphins? Playoffs? A push for the post-season? 8-8 or worse? At this point does it matter all that much?

Brian Flores is not trying to win now but he is going to want to win. He is not going to roll over and he hates the idea or even the mention of it. He wants the Dolphins to be physical and competitive and he wants them to learn to win.

While expectations are low, is it fair to have them at that level? Is it realistic? Here is what you should expect from the Dolphins in 2019.

There will be a focus on technique and we should see depth players getting more quality reps as Flores and his coaching staff work to make the players interchangeable. As camp progresses there will be a split between back-ups and first-team unit players but the back-ups are going to play significant roles as both sides of the ball become more systemic.

As the season begins, expectations should be tempered. Miami is going to hit some road bumps and they are not going to look good early but they do have South Florida heat on their side. The start of the season sees the Dolphins playing at home in four of their first five games.

Miami is not going to win all of those games but they should win one of those and possibly the Patriots as well in week two. As the season moves along the Dolphins are going to get better. Players will be more familiar with their assignments and that will start to show during games.

By the end of the season, the Dolphins should look like a different team from when they started. They will not be pushing for a playoff spot but they could play spoiler to some teams that are. I’m not sold that the Dolphins will be playing bad enough for a top 3 draft pick in 2020 but there will be times when we question what is going on and whether that will be within reach.

Fans need to be patient but this has the potential to pay-off in the long-run.

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