Miami Dolphins talk centered on Jarvis Landry this time in 2017

Sometimes you probably wish you could have a do-over. For the Miami Dolphins, that might very well be Jarvis Landry.

In June of 2017 the talk of the off-season centered on the Miami Dolphins top receiver, Jarvis Landry. Should he get a new contract or should he be traded?  Landry was and remains a hot topic in Dolphins fan circles and when 2018 rolled around that talk began to boil over.

Landry was hit with the franchise tag in 2018 but say that rescinded as he was traded to the Browns. Of course, we all know this and we also know that in 2017 the topic of Landry centered on how much he should be making on a new deal.

Another question that is more relevant today is whether or not the Dolphins should have caved to any demands by Adam Gase?

The Dolphins were certain that Gase was going to be a great head coach for the Dolphins. So much so that he was given latitude with personnel that most first-time head coaches do not have. His decision to release Dallas Thomas, Jamil Douglas, and Billy Turner four games into the 2016 season made sense and sent a clear message. Gase, however, took it too far.

In hindsight, the trade of Jay Ajayi to the Eagles looks to make sense. Ajayi wasn’t a great back for the Eagles and his attitude with the Dolphins wasn’t conducive to the environment that Gase was trying to establish. Whatever that environment was supposed to be. Three years later and Ajayi remains a free agent.

The Landry situation, however, was different. Landry was productive and well-liked but he and Gase didn’t get along well and like Mike Pouncey and Jay Ajayi, if you couldn’t get along with Gase you were not going to be around.

Gase’s imprint on the franchise is more about what he didn’t do than what he did. Landry, as we saw in June of 2017 and April of 2018 dominated the Dolphins news wire but Adam Gase was really the problem that we can see more clearly now.

In New York, Gase has already started exercising a power that he has yet to earn and Dolphins fans are hoping that it will ruin the Jets for the foreseeable future. The Dolphins were smart to get rid of Gase when they did but they never should have given him so much control of the franchise.


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