A popular Miami Dolphins player you simply do not like, name him!


The Miami Dolphins have seen a lot of players walk through the doors at training camp and on to the football field. Many of them are fan favorites.

When you ask a Miami Dolphins fan who the best players in team history are, you get the Dan Marino, Larry Csonka, Bob Griese, responses. Ask a Dolphins fan who the worst players were and they could rattle off a slew of names. Another question could be asked, however. What current or former Miami Dolphins player was a fan favorite that you really didn’t like?

That is a tough one and honestly, I would be surprised if anyone really opened up and said, you know, I didn’t really like that guy. There will be some I am sure that will simply do it just to other readers and commenters to get irate and start bickering. My challenge to you is, be honest. Did you not like Dan Marino? Or what about someone else? Conversely was there a player that was universally panned that you really did like? I’ll go first.

For me, one player stands out that for whatever reason I just couldn’t get on board with. Cameron Wake.

Don’t get me wrong. I appreciated everything that Wake brought to the table and I applaud his effort on the field. There were things he did that were impressive but for some reason, Wake was never my favorite player and had the Dolphins traded him a few years ago or opted to not re-sign him, I would have been fine with it.

To be clear, I don’t know Cam Wake. I’ve never met the man and have only stood as close as five feet from him one time. I can’t put a finger on why he wasn’t my favorite player but I never considered buying his jersey, or to seek an autograph, or even interview him. He was a great player for the Dolphins but one that simply didn’t agree with me.

When Wake was allowed to walk this year in free agency. I wasn’t sad and it didn’t bother me to see him wearing powder blue in Tennessee. So there you go! Who is the one player that you didn’t really care for that everyone else loved?