Latest NFL ranking has Dolphins Dan Marino 7th all-time

The greatest player to play for the Miami Dolphins is arguably quarterback Dan Marino but when it comes to all-time lists, is he the best?

The argument for Dan Marino an NFL all-time rankings is made almost daily on social media and now another NFL analyst, Elliot Harrison, has ranked his top ten signal callers of all-time and Marino is ranked 7th.

The question is whether or not this accurate.

Putting fandom aside and looking at the list objectionably, Marino is probably not going to get many nods for the best of the GOATS but 7th, at least on the surface seems a bit too low.

Harrison has three QB’s ranked lower than Marino. Roger Staubach, John Elway, and Aaron Rodgers. That won’t make the Broncos fans very happy and I am certain that they are questioning the list as well. After all, Elway’s is a Hall of Fame QB with Super Bowl wins.

Above Marino is where the debate among fans begins but doesn’t end.

For me, QB’s should be ranked based on their ability to play quarterback and not so much Super Bowl appearances or wins. The obvious ranks at the top. Tom Brady lands on everyone’s, well not really everyone’s, top spot of QB GOATS. His Super Bowl rings are unmatched but what if he had not won but one or two? Would he still be the “greatest of all-time”? Probably not. He did win so the list tends to start there.

At number two is Joe Montana and his four Super Bowls are obviously among the best despite his statistics, much like Brady’s not being in the elite. While I don’t necessarily agree with one and two I do agree with Peyton Manning at number three and could make a case for him to be number two and at least listen to arguments justifying number one. He was absolutely that good of a quarterback.

Johnny Unitas was a pioneer in the NFL’s infant passing game and he rolls in at four. He is a top five all-time no doubt. Five through six look like this, Otto Graham and Drew Brees. It is hard to argue with Brees. He has passing records and a winning record to go with a Super Bowl. Top five? Yes, I would agree with that.

Graham I don’t agree with. He is a top-ten for sure but I would not put him in the top five. Like all lists, this is the opinion of the writer and while I agree with the players on the list Harrison made, I don’t agree with the order. My order would like this and you can tell us yours in the comments.

1: Peyton Manning

2: Dan Marino

3: Joe Montana

4: Tom Brady

5: Johnny Unitas

6: Drew Brees

7: John Elway

8: Brett Favre

9: Roger Staubach

10: Otto Graham

Aaron Rodgers will move into the top ten but I think he needs to do a bit more to solidify that historical accolade.