Public reminder for Miami Dolphins fans, Josh Rosen has done nothing yet

Josh Rosen is introduced as the Miami Dolphins newest quarterback after a draft day trade- Image courtesy of
Josh Rosen is introduced as the Miami Dolphins newest quarterback after a draft day trade- Image courtesy of /

The Miami Dolphins will start camp in two days when the veterans join the rookies at the team’s training facility. Josh Rosen will be there.

When the Miami Dolphins made a day two trade for quarterback Josh Rosen, the Cardinals 2018 first-round draft pick, some fans booed, some applauded, but one thing was certain, a quarterback competition was going to happen at this year’s camp.

Camp is here.

With training camp officially beginning for the entire team on Wednesday, the quarterback competition will actually begin as well. Ryan Fitzpatrick is said to have the early off-season lead but the Dolphins didn’t throw a 2nd and 5th round pick at the Cardinals to keep Rosen as a back-up. At some point, they need to see what this kid has or doesn’t have. And that means they need to play him.

Through social media outlets, fans are talking up the competition and arrival of Rosen but he isn’t a savior. Neither is Ryan Fitzpatrick. In today’s USA Today digital format, predictions were made for every NFL team and the Dolphins were given a 3-13 record. That is an indication of a lot of problems for the Dolphins in 2019 and that also means QB is a problem as well.

Rosen could surprise a lot of people if he gets on the field this year but it is way too early to believe that the Dolphins are set at the position enough to not think the 2020 draft could provide a long-term solution for him.

The reality is we don’t know what Josh Rosen is going to bring to the Dolphins in 2019 or beyond. What we do know is that Rosen has been viewed as a potential solution but nothing more. He has the talent and he has one year of experience but neither is guaranteed to make him the next 15-year starter in Miami.

Camp is going to separate players at every position but quarterback is going to be watched closely, more this year than in years past. Which one will stand up and take over the offense is anyone’s guess but the debate will continue until one of the two QB’s actually is anointed the starter for the season.