Miami Dolphins fans can smile at Antonio Browns NE attack

The Antonio Brown saga for Miami Dolphins rivals, New England Patriots, isn’t going away as Brown went on an early morning Twitter rage against his former teams.

This season the Miami Dolphins fan base do not have a lot to cheer or even smile about. Most of the smiles come in the form of a sarcastic smirk as they hold out hope that this sunken ship blossoms into a beautiful reef. In the meantime, they have Antonio Brown.

Antonio Brown has single handedly stolen the NFL’s 100th celebration. He dominated training camp talk when he stayed away from the Raiders after demanding a trade from the Steelers. He made headlines with his frost bitten feet and his helmet contracts and complaints to the league.

As the season start approached, Brown kept his thumb on the NFL’s throat and began a Twitter campaign to get released by the Raiders. His vocal abuse of Raiders General Manager Mike Mayock made headlines as well. His attempts were successful and with hours he was released by the Raiders and became a member of the Patriots.

That experiment last one week. The Patriots released the trouled wide-receiver on Monday and now, almost a week later, Brown is letting his dirty laundry air out on not only the Patriots, but his former Steelers team as well.

Brown called out Ben Roethlisberger for his sexual misconduct that got him suspended for four games. Brown called out Shannon Sharpe for sexual misconduct as well. Then he turned his attention to the Patriots.

Earlier this week Brown Tweeted that he hated everything about the Patriots and their fans. Today, he went directly after owner Bob Kraft.

His point was that Kraft got caught but was able to get out of it and Brown is contending that thus far, there only allegations about him and nothing has been proven.

Brown was due $9 million on Monday as part of his contract with the Patriots but it is not going to happen now without a filed grievance with the NFLPA over the money that is due to him for his week two game. The Raiders are also contending that Brown voided his guarantees due to his actions and demand for a release.

Brown, today, told his followers that he is done with the NFL.

While this is partially true, it was Brown who demanded he be released from the Raiders who paid a might draft cost to acquire him. Brown signed an extension with the Raiders and then quit on the team.

For all of those fans out there who drafted him in their fantasy leagues, you can safely drop him now. While Brown says he won’t play again, the NFL issued a statement earlier this week that they will not be putting him on the Commissioner’s Exempt list because he is a free agent. That means if he does sign with another team, he may be added to that list pretty quickly.

Brown is not likely going to go away quietly. It is a shame however that he didn’t last longer in New England. He could have single handedly destroyed that organization and then aired all the dirty cheating that goes on behind the scenes.

I wonder if he will be eligible for a Super Bowl ring if the Patriots win it this year. That would be very funny. For Dolphins fans, you might want to hold on to that popcorn bucket, I get the feeling he isn’t done quite yet.