Miami Dolphins fans need to be prepared for not drafting Tua Tagovailoa

The hype surrounding Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa has yet to reach its zenith but it is coming, especially for Miami Dolphins fans.

Miami Dolphins fans are worried about the 0-4 Bengals landing the top spot in the draft. They are worried about the 0-4 Redskins and the 0-3 Jets and they are pulling their hair out thinking about a draft that doesn’t include the name Tagovailoa being called to the Miami Dolphins.

There is a better chance that the Miami Dolphins finish with enough wins to draft in the top five or six and that is not being a rose-colored glasses fan.

Miami’s next opponent is the Redskins and they should be able to win that game. The Redskins are worse than Miami and the Dolphins may even end up favored for that game. They will then have to play the Jets twice who also are winless and playing like garbage. The Bengals to are on the schedule down the road and by then, the Dolphins should be playing much better than they are today.

Overall, I can see four wins this year and maybe one surprise victory to give the five wins. Enough to get out of the Tagovailoa sweepstakes and piss off the fans who are suffering through a season they felt certain was a “tank for Tua” campaign.

The biggest mistake Miami can make when the draft rolls around in April is to trade draft picks to move up to get the quarterback. If a QB needy team is sitting at one, they won’t trade out but if a team sits there with a QB already in place, they will ask a king’s ransom for that selection and it could easily include multiple first-round draft picks.

The thing is this, Tua is the top prospect at his position and while many believe he is the next great franchise QB, there is no big downside to being stuck with Justin Herbert and keeping your draft picks in place to build around him.

Tua would be ideal there is no question but Miami may never get the chance to draft him without pouring the draft picks they worked to acquire into a bowl to hand to someone else.