Miami Dolphins’ Brian Flores’ seat is cold for now, but should it be?

The Dolphins are currently 0-5 this season but owner Stephen Ross has stated that head coach Brian Flores will not be fired, but should that change?

The Dolphins knew when they hired Brian Flores from the New England Patriots that this team was building towards the future. This idea hasn’t changed and has grown with how this organization has handled its business over the course of the season moving several talented players for draft picks and starting the season wthout a win .

Flores clearly isn’t to blame for the lack of talent, but this team clearly has not been placed in any position to win. Trading away an elite left tackle in Larmey Tunsil days before the start of the season and moving last seasons first-round pick in Minkah Fitzpatrick in season clearly were signs that the Dolphins are looking past this season.

What can Flores be blamed for? Flores has yet to call defensive plays, the offense has failed to produce at a high level and the team as a whole has failed to show any sort of consistency throughout the season. Flipping his decision at the quarterback position after a week shows the Dolphins have no clue what to do. After committing to the second-year quarterback Josh Rosen for the remainder of the season, Flores made the switch back to journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick as the Dolphins starter.

The Dolphins clearly have no plan in place for this season and it makes sense for Ross to not want to fire Flores this season, but if there are better options going into the offseason should the Dolphins move on?

Owing three first-round draft picks in the 2020 draft and having over $110 million in cap space next offseason, according to Spotrac, the Dolphins have high expectations for next year and hope that Flores can lead them, but if he can’t who are some options Ross and the Dolphins could consider.

A hot name among front offices is Oklahoma’s Lincoln Riley, who has led Oklahoma to back to back Heisman trophy winners and top offenses. If the Dolphins decide to draft Alabama quarterback Tua Tagovailoa, Riley might know how best to use him.

Another option could be Michigan’s John Harbuagh, who sources believed was a target for Ross and the Dolphins’ last offseason, according to Matthew Canntana of SBnation.

To simplify things, look at it this way – if the Dolphins are Ross’ NFL franchise, Michigan is Ross’ college franchise. But, that won’t stop him from making sure that Harbaugh doesn’t coach any NFL team except Miami. Those familiar with Ross’ thinking say he simply wouldn’t be able to live with the results if Harbaugh was coaching in the NFL and it wasn’t the Dolphins.

The Dolphins could also target former Redskins head coach Jay Gruden or Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bellamy. The clear theme with all the possible options? All offensive minded head coaches who could either improve the current state of the Dolphins pitiful offense or bring in a new quarterback and weapons and turn this offense into a young and exciting group.

Regardless it does not seem likely that the Dolphins will move on from Flores after just one season knowing that they have their eyes set on the future, but Ross has never been afraid to go after the “big fish” and its hard to imagine him not consider a change after a rough season and so many assets lined up for the future.