Miami Dolphins can’t hold lead as turnovers take over the game

The Miami Dolphins had today’s game in their hands but when it came down to crunch time, they folded up like a cardboard box.

As the third quarter began the Miami Dolphins found themselves with a lead and that lead lasted almost through the third period of play. Miami posted a 16 play drive that ate up almost the entire third period driving down to the Buffalo two yard line.

Facing 4th and a half yard for a first down, Brian Flores ran a fake field goal that got Miami a first and goal. It appeared that the Dolphins would improve their 14-9 lead by another seven points. Then, Ryan Fitzpatrick became, well, Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Dolphins quarterback commited his first turnover of the game with a pick at the three yard line and for the Dolphins, it spiraled downward from there. The Bills scored on the next series and Miami’s Preston Williams fumbled on the Dolphins next series, leading to another Buffalo touchdown.

In the span of minutes, Miami went from a 14-9 lead to a 24 – 14 deficit. A deficit they could not recover from.

Following the two turnovers, Buffalo made the most of their opportunity but Miami wasn’t quite done yet. Ryan Fitzpatrick had something to prove and faced with an attempt at a comeback, drove the team to another touchdown.

Fitzpatrick led the Dolphins on a big scoring drive that culminated with a gritty touchdown run by Fitzpatrick himself. From about 15 yards out, Fitzpatrick bulled his way into the endzone that brought Miami to within three with just under two minutes left in the game.

Unfortunately, the Dolphins bid for a comeback ended when the teams onside kick was returned for a touchdown by Bills’ Mychah Hyde. That put the game away.

Miami’s loss shadows a great day by Mike Gesicki and Preston Williams aside from the fumble. DeVante Parker also had a very good game and continues to impress with his development in this system.

The Dolphins drop to 0-6 while the Bills escape a loss and improve to 6-1. The Dolphins will go back to the boards as they face the Steelers a week from Monday.

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