Miami Dolphins throwbacks Sunday unite fans for permanency and more

The Miami Dolphins will be rocking their throwback uniforms on Sunday against the Philadelphia Eagles and again, the fans unite to make them permanent.

On Sunday the Miami Dolphins will be sporting their all aqua throwback uniforms and many in the NFL believe that these are the best uniforms in the league. Ever. This isn’t just the opinion of Dolphins fans, across the NFL fans often say that the Dolphins early uniforms were the best.

On Sunday, the Dolphins will wear them again and fans are already calling for them to remain permanent!

So why are they not permanent? The Dolphins made subtle changes a year ago to the color scheme but the logo was untouched. Stephen Ross likes the new logo or rather the current one. It was initially conceived during the days when Mike Dee was the team’s CEO. Needless to say it has not had the impact that Ross may have liked.

Miami has yet to change the culture which gives fans the impression that the logo means losing. While that is not true, it is perception.

As soon as the Dolphins began touting the change for Sunday, fans took to social media to ask why it is not permanent.

This continues and continues and continues. Why shouldn’t it? The Dolphins original logo is perfect and changing it was stupid to begin with. We can’t blame Ross for the change, Jimmy Johnson wanted a new look when he took over and Wayne Huizenga gave him a cartoon that the team wore for decades until Ross arrived.

Fans call the current logo a breaching whale but I don’t know if I would go that far. Much like the team on the field, the current logo has no personality. It has no character. It is clean and neat and that is about it.

Stephen Ross…it’s time to leave a huge mark on your legacy. The owner who brought Miami back to their roots where they belong. Change the logo for good.

In other news, the Dolphins have announced that rookie safety Montre Hartage has been signed off the practice squad. There is no guarantee that he will be active on Sunday but it is a possibility that he sees some playing time if he is. He could essentially have a five-week audition for a return next year.

UPDATE: Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald is reporting that Miami will release Xavier Crawford to make room for Hartage.

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