Looking forward to what is ahead for the Miami Dolphins

The Miami Dolphins have four games left in 2019. Then, they can put this season behind them and really start to rebuild the roster.

As we come to the last quarter of the season, it has been a trying time for Dolphins fans everywhere. We saw the house cleaning that began after the 2018 season, new coaching staff and general manager. We saw fan favorites get traded to other teams and sign elsewhere and succeed. We saw a depleted roster take the field week in and week out and do everything possible to compete.

Many in our fan base dubbed it a “Tank for Tua” season as they viewed him as the be all end all fix for the team. Many still view him as the best fit for the team. But what was surprising was the level of coaching that first-year coach Brian Flores and his staff have done. Struggles and injuries aside, this team has been able to come together as a group and get wins. Often with journeyman quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick leading the way. This team has shown that throughout everything they have one hugely important quality….heart. They battle for each other and their coach.

Miami certainly struck well with the hiring of Coach Flores and I am excited to see what happens next year when he gets his players back healthy and when he fills out the team with draft picks and in free agency. The Coach of the Year award is given to the coach that has done the most with the talent at his disposal. Usually, we see the coaches on winning teams get the award. But what Coach Flores has done with this team is inspiring and should get him considered (biased opinion, but heavily considered) for the award. No one expected this team to win a game let alone 3 and now they are poised to possibly win more before the season is out.

In many circles, the key to winning starts with coaching, having seen this coaching staff and the players weather the storm of the Ravens, Patriots, Cowboys, and Chargers games, see the turnover (injury, trade, release) of the roster and still manage to find the motivation needed to not only compete, but to win is in short remarkable. The 2020 season is looking very promising for the Miami Dolphins.

Remember this team is out there representing us.  Let’s return the favor and support them in the wins this season.  They have shown they deserve it.

As we all seem to start looking more at the upcoming draft, can we all agree on at least one of the following –

1 – Coach Flores and staff have done a phenomenal job with the hand they were dealt with.

2 – The 2019 Draft class (first under new GM Chris Grier) has shown signs that they are solid choices to help improve the team

3 – For the 2020 draft we have some trust in the leadership (I see its been hard for some) that the will pick the best players to help build a winning football team.  This may or may not include Tua Tagovailoa, Joe Burrow, or Chase Young

4 – Although they may not get it, Coach Flores, Ryan Fitzpatrick, Davon Godchaux, Christian Wilkins should get consideration for end of the year awards.



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