Miami Dolphins announce that Walt Aikens is not traveling to New York

The Miami Dolphins headed back to New York for the second week in a row but Walt Aikens is not making this trip and it’s not injury-related.

As the Miami Dolphins prepare to play the New York Giants in what could determine the number two overall draft slot, Walt Aikens will sit in Miami and watch the game on television like the rest of us.

The Dolphins announced today, according to multiple local media reporters, that Aikens will be kept in Miami. They all say that the decision was not based on an injury but no one is saying exactly why he is not making the trip.

The first thought is that we hope it is not something with his family but if it were, Brian Flores likely would have called his absence a personal family or personal matter. The fact that no one is saying what it is, could potentially indicate a discipline issue.

A third option that social media is throwing out is that his being left in Miami is part of the tanking narrative.

Aikens hasn’t given the Dolphins much defensively but he has been very good on the special teams unit over the years and is the team’s special team captain. There has not been any indication that he has had problems with his usage on defense so it very well could be something as simple as being late to a meeting or practice. Chances are we may not know entirely.

Joining him in Miami will be newly acquired Tae Hayes. The former Texan cornerback was claimed off waivers this week. He will not join the team in New York. He took the roster spot from Gerald Willis who was placed on IR.


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