Final 2019 AFC East round-up and reminder that Miami won

It is the last week of the 2019 season and the AFC East played each other on Sunday as the season and the decade comes to a close.

For the Miami Dolphins, today’s game was their Super Bowl. It was all they had. The Patriots had everything to play for and the AFC East was already wrapped up nice and tight so how did it all play out? You already know.

Miami Dolphins at New England

The Patriots lost. Really that is all you need to know. Entering the day, the Patriots were 17 point favorites and the Dolphins were simply crawling towards the finish lines with hopes for a brighter future.

No one bothered to tell the Dolphins.

Miami smacked New England in the mouth and while the game was close, 27-24, Miami’s no-name defense and offense and special teams put a big hit on the fully loaded and talented Patriots. New England had the bye-week all locked up for the 9th season in a row but Miami wasn’t going to lay down and they didn’t.

The Patriots now sit in the number three seed of the playoffs and will need to play next week albeit hosting the game in Foxboro, MA. It was a big win for the Dolphins and an even bigger win for Brian Flores who put an exclamation on his rookie season. As he told his players after the game, “there is more of that, I promise”.

New York Jets at Buffalo Bills

The biggest loser in this game was not the Bills who failed to put more than 13 points on the board, the score that the Jets were able to get on the board. The Bills sat most of their starters including their quarterback. No the real losers were the Bills fans who had to sit through a game that the Bills didn’t need to win against a team that they loathe.

Adam Gase blamed the weather and conditions on his offenses ineptitude but the win may just save his job for another season. The Bills are already locked into the post-season and as of now sit in the 5th spot.

There will still be AFC East teams playing next Sunday but how far they will go in the post-season this year may not be long.