Miami Dolphins to draft 5th overall but rotate with two other teams

The Miami Dolphins will have the fifth overall pick in April’s draft but subsequent rounds will be rotated with two other teams.

Despite their win today in New England, the Miami Dolphins retained the fifth overall pick in the draft thanks to the strength of schedule tie-breakers. Miami, who many thought would hold the number one overall pick, finished the season with five wins.

The Dolphins came into the weekend holding the 5th pick and had things worked in their favor they could have moved as high as number two but the Giants, Redskins, and Lions all lost so the Dolphins had no chance to move up. It made the defeat of the Patriots that much more enjoyable.

While the Dolphins will hold the 5th in round one, the Chargers will hold the fifth spot in round two with the Dolphins dropping to the seventh spot. In round three, the Panthers will hold the five spot and the Dolphins will hold the sixth. These rotations will continue for the duration of the draft.

The Arizona Cardinals also finished with five wins on the season but they also had a tie which gave them one less loss and therefore a better record.

Miami will have plenty of options at the fifth spot but for now, they will focus on evaluating this past season and begin working towards free agency and draft evaluations. That won’t keep sites like this from doing plenty of mock drafts and with the top 20 selections now firm, we know where Miami will be picking.

As for the other picks owned by the Dolphins, Miami will draft again at 18. The pick originally owned by the Steelers falls under the 20 threshold after the Steelers were eliminated from the playoffs with their loss to the Ravens. The Texans will play the Bills next weekend. If they lose, that pick will be in the early ’20s.