Miami Dolphins could look to free agency for a future quarterback

Imagine the Miami Dolphins shocking the NFL community by not drafting a quarterback next April because they found one in free agency.

When the NFL Draft rolls around in April, the Miami Dolphins are expected to use a high draft pick on a signal-caller. Most believe that QB will Tua Tagovailoa but what if the Dolphins did something else, like signing a quarterback in free agency?

The likelihood of the Dolphins going this route is very thin. As Martin Riggs once said, “anorexic”. Still, the possibility does exist because when it comes to the NFL, anything is possible.

Only one player in this year’s potential free-agent class would be acceptable to the fans and that is Russell Wilson. The problem, Wilson is not going to hit the free-agent market. He will get re-signed. If he does leave Seattle, he will have a lot of football teams looking to get him signed.

Wilson is still a young 31 and while it over the 30-year old threshold that used to be the turning point for NFL careers, quarterbacks are playing into their 40’s given the rules that protect them.

Outside of Wilson, there isn’t much that Miami should pursue. In fact,  I would stay away from any other QB that might or will hit the market. On Monday, the Dolphins announced that they have signed QB Jake Ruddock who will serve as their third quarterback. With Josh Rosen sitting behind Ryan Fitzpatrick, Miami doesn’t have a need for a back-up.

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The top potential free agents at the position are Wilson, Tom Brady, Philip Rivers, Drew Brees, and Dak Prescott. Brady has been rumored to be leaving New England for several years but this year could see him move to the AFC West and join the Chargers. Rivers may not play again and if he does, it will likely be for a team that is close to getting deep into the playoffs. Brees won’t leave the Saints and that leaves Prescott.

Prescott is intriguing but one has to wonder if his drop in production is due to the play calling in Dallas or if it simply is the fact that Prescott is overrated. I tend to lean on the overrated rather than the former.

One thing is for certain however and that is the fact if Miami found a quarterback in free agency it would free the draft up for a lot of other positions. It would not be a move that would please the Dolphins fanbase but it could be intriguing if it happened. Personally, I think the draft is the way to go and while I have been pretty clear of who I don’t want, supporting whoever ends up in Miami will happen, at least for a little while. Unless it’s Tom Brady. If it’s Brady, I hope we don’t fix the offensive line.


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