Miami Dolphins could look at strong FA receiver class over draft

The Miami Dolphins have DeVante Parker on a bargain contract after extending him last year but what if they add another receiver this off-season?

Many believe that the Miami Dolphins will target a receiver in April’s NFL Draft but for the money, the free-agent market might be a better way to go. Especially if the team wants to start winning sooner rather than later.

The money will not be an issue for the Dolphins this off-season so adding a top receiver isn’t a bad idea. Finding a receiver to compliment Parker could really boost the offensive production but where should the Dolphins look? If we learned one thing from Parker, it can take receivers a few years for the NFL to make sense.

The draft might provide a solid player and with so many draft picks the Dolphins should be able to land a top guy but free agency might give a bigger boost immediately.

Michael Thomas is by far the best receiver on this year’s market but the chances of him landing on the market are far too unlikely to bank on. Thomas will probably be locked up long before free agency hits or tagged if they can’t.

Amari Cooper is not only likely to hit free agency but is going to get a lot of interest from around the league. Cooper has all the tools you want in a receiver and was drafted the same year that Parker was. Despite Cooper being the top receiver in that class he is on his second team, the Cowboys and while he looked good at times with Dallas, there are some inconsistencies.

Cooper is likely going to want more than the $49 million contract that Parker signed and I would tend to believe that Miami should not pay him more than Parker but if Cooper would take the same or slightly below, which I doubt, then he would be a good receiver to add.

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There has been a lot of talk surrounding the Jets and Robby Anderson who is expected to hit free agency without an offer from N.Y. Many on social media believe that Anderson will be a top target for the Dolphins. While productive and yes the best receiver on the Jets roster, Anderson is nothing flashy and really more or less a possession receiver who is going to want a lot of money. I would take a hard pass.

If the Dolphins want to go the “flashy” route, Tyreek Hill is the way to go. An explosive game-changing receiver who can beat the best corners and safeties with speed alone. Yes, there have been off-field issues that have presented red flags but he has no future discipline expected from the NFL. He is going to cost a good deal of money but should be somewhere near Parker if not lower depending on guarantees. He would give the Dolphins Albert Wilson speed with better hands and awareness.

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Another potential is A.J. Green who has said he would like to remain with the Bengals. He spent the entire 2019 season on IR but his injury isn’t considered to be a career threat and he was ready to come back at the end of the year. Had the Bengals been in contention for something other than the first overall draft pick, he would have played.

It is hard to gauge where Green’s potential monetary compensation will fall but out of this class, it would likely be somewhere between Cooper and Anderson.  I think Thomas will set the WR ceiling and Cooper will try to. Green has the talent, the work ethic, skill, and athleticism to make the Dolphins offense dynamic but at the age of 32, it would be a hard pass given the rebuild Miami is undergoing.

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