One, maybe two former Miami Dolphins QB’s will reach the Super Bowl

No matter what happens next weekend in the AFC Championship game, at least one and potentially two former Miami Dolphins QB’s will come back to Miami.

The dust has yet to settle on the divisional round of the NFL’s 100th season. The Kansas City Chiefs will advance to host the Titans in the AFC and the Packers will travel to San Francisco in the NFC. For the Miami Dolphins, it’s all about the AFC.

When next weekend rolls around one team will emerge as the AFC representative for Super Bowl LIV in Miami. With that team will come at least one if not two former starting Miami Dolphins quarterbacks. If the Chiefs advance, Matt Moore and Chad Henne will at least be on the roster for the game with Moore the primary back-up and Henne as the number three. They will be joined by starting running back Damien Williams.

In Tennessee, it’s all about Ryan Tannehill with Cameron Wake on IR. No matter what happens, two of those four will return to Miami for the Super Bowl in hopes of landing a championship ring. Of those four, however, only Wake has no shot at playing. It would have been fitting for him to end his career in Miami, in the Super Bowl, with a victory at that. It won’t happen.

The irony of it all. Henne starts for the Dolphins, gets hurt and is replaced by Moore who gets replaced by Tannehill only to take over and lead the Dolphins to their last playoff appearance in 2016. Fitting that they are trying to come back for one more game.

On Saturday, the Titans shocked the NFL with a big win over the heavily favored Ravens and it wasn’t close. On Sunday, the Chiefs spotted the Texans a 24 point lead before storming back for seven consecutive touchdowns.

The irony? A team with nothing to win and nothing to lose beats the number two team in the AFC at home in week 17 forcing the Patriots to play in the Wildcard round. The irony that after seven seasons in Miami, Ryan Tannehill gets his first win in Foxboro. The irony, the second seed goes to the Chiefs and now the championship game will be played at Arrowhead Stadium.

Congratulations to the Chiefs and Titans but more so to Matt Moore, Chad Henne, Ryan Tannehill, Damien Williams, and Cameron Wake for a chance to get back to Miami and win it all.