Ryan Tannehill and the Titans stun the NFL knocking off Baltimore

Last week the NFL saw Ryan Tannehill lead the Titans over the Patriots ending their three-year dynasty and last night they kicked the Ravens out of the playoffs.

First New England and now Baltimore. Ryan Tannehill and his Titan teammates continue to shock the NFL world by defying the odds and doing the improbable.

While Tannehill gets a lot of the credit, the majority of the credit belongs to running back Derek Henry and what is probably the absolute best offensive line in the NFL. Tannehill had protection and an incredible night, again, from his running back. The reward? A trip to either Kansas City or Houston for the AFC Championship game. Four more quarters of football that could lead them to the Super Bowl.

Henry rushed for 195 yards on 30 carries and added a passing touchdown as well. Henry for the second week in a row was unstoppable and he schooled Marcus Peters and the gloating Earl Thomas who said that the Patriots were afraid to try and tackle him. Thomas said that the Ravens were a bit different but it was Henry that got the last word in.

As for Tannehill, it was another below-average night. A week after throwing for 72 yards in the win against the Patriots, Tannehill increased his post-season stats with an 88-yard effort and two touchdowns. He added 13 yards running the ball and scored a touchdown with his legs as well.

For now, Tannehill doesn’t need to be the star of the offense, he only needs to not make mistakes and he hasn’t done that in two playoff games so far. It will be interesting to see if the former Miami Dolphins QB can make it to the Super Bowl.