2020 NFL Draft speculation: Four QB’s drafted with first four picks

The 2020 NFL Draft really needs to get here and if you thought the season was long, just wait. QB’s are dominating the pre-draft talk and that won’t change.

Consider this, there are still 89 days between now and the draft and of course, this year has to be a leap year so we get an extra day in February to push back the 2020 NFL Draft another day. Our saving grace? They didn’t schedule the draft for the last Thursday of April.

Between now and then there will be the NFL Combine. There will be free agency. There will be pro-day workouts, private workouts, and then, finally, the draft. In between now and then there will be at least 1,000 or more mock drafts. I promise there will not be 1,000 on this site. I have capped it at 999 this year! You’re welcome.

As the days slowly tick by there is one certainty, by the time this is all over, no one really knows what is going to have happened. Everyone could be wrong or everyone could be right. Right now, more and more speculation is growing that four quarterbacks will be taken with the top four picks. In fact, speculation is growing so high that many expect Washington, Detroit, and the New York Giants to not even pick in the top four and maybe not even the Bengals.

While Joe Burrow remains the likely number one overall pick in this year’s draft, some are starting to think that the Bengals could throw a curveball with the football and draft Justin Herbert or maybe even Tua Tagovailoa and if they do, expect a flurry of panic-driven trades by teams wanting a QB this year.

It would be a monumental shake-up that even the Washington Redskins wouldn’t turn down the picks being thrown at them for the number two spot in the draft. Imagine the draft going something like this at the top.

Pick 1: Justin Herbert      

Pick 2: Joe Burrow

Pick 3: Tua Tagovailoa

Pick 4: Jordan Love

Those are the top four quarterbacks in this year’s draft class. Jalen Hurts and Jacob Eason would likely become first-round draft picks if they are not considered ones already. If four QB’s go at the top, two others will go somewhere else on day one.

This year’s draft will be interesting but not just at the top. Miami has three picks on day one and many believe they could move one or both of the to move up to grab a quarterback. They very well may have to move up as other teams are surely looking at this class as their future. Four quarterbacks in the first four picks would be insane but it is also a good possibility.

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