Miami Dolphins draft talk is out of control but what else is there, really?

The Miami Dolphins won’t make their first pick in the 2020 NFL Draft until late April. Almost three months away and the talk is out of control.

Who will the Miami Dolphins draft is a big question that is debated and discussed daily, hourly, by the minute on social media. It is so bad that refreshing posts only brings up more talk of the draft, quarterbacks, and which QB is the right one, wrong one, and how much it is going to cost the team to move up to get them. Enough is enough.

The problem is, reality tells us, enough is not enough. Fans are hungry for every rumor, piece of speculation, and innuendo. It’s going to get a lot worse before it gets better and the truth is this, it isn’t going to get better, the draft is just going to arrive and three days later it will be over.

I’m not going to sit here and say that I’m not guilty, I am. 100% I am. There is not much to talk about right now but that will change in the days leading up to March 18th when the NFL new year begins and free agency starts. When that happens, the draft will take a short hiatus and backseat to real news but as the meat market starts to sell out of its goods, the draft will be right there to take up the top spot of discussion.

In 13 years of covering this team on this site, I honestly can’t remember a more NFL Draft heavy topic overload. Not when the Dolphins were supposed to draft Brady Quinn, not when Miami was supposed to draft Matt Ryan, and now when we failed to “suck for Luck”. This year is different. It is a caged animal all on its own.

Miami is loaded with draft picks and that alone is a talking point. They are loaded in 2021 and likely will add more to their coffer by the end of this year’s draft. They need a quarterback in a deep QB class.

Honestly, on second thought, it’s a great topic for discussion because there is so much about the draft to talk about!