Gondolas open at Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl LIV

The Miami Dolphins executives, specifically Tom Garfinkel, unveiled the newest addition to Hard Rock Stadium for Super Bowl LIV and it is awesome!

Last year, Dolphins CEO Tom Garfinkel announced that Hard Rock Stadium would be installing a gondola system to take fans from the lots closer to the stadium. These are similar to the ones that are used at Disney World. On Friday, they unveiled them ahead of Super Bowl LIV on Sunday.

Watching the video makes me “Jelly!” Not because I am not at the Super Bowl but because I love riding those things and the view of HRS from the car is incredible, especially with the SUPER BOWL LIV decorations taking over the facade. The Dolphins, once again, hit a home run.

The gondola cars will take patrons from the lots a bit further from the stadium. They will drop them off close enough to walk to the gates. The team also built walkway bridges that eliminate the need to stop traffic for departing fans who are heading to the outlying lots.

So far, this week has been an incredible success for South Florida, Stephen Ross, and the neighboring communities. The Dolphins should get a nod for another Super Bowl this year as well when the league votes on the next line of hosting cities. The Dolphins will play out of the country next year as part of the NFL’s mandate that hosting cities give up a home game.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has hailed the city for the way they have organized the Super Bowl events that have taken over Southbeach to Marlins Park, to the grounds of Hard Rock Stadium that will be, well, rocking come Sunday when they open the gates.

Back to the gondolas, they run continuously with cars designated for handicapped transportation set to the side that can easily be rotated into the line of movers. Having experienced long lines at Disney, I can say that the wait time is not very long at all and they move very smoothly. Even in Florida heat, there is no need for interior air-conditioned as the screened windows provide ample ventilation and air circulation.

Again, this is another aesthetic to HRS that moves the stadium into a state of the art facility, even for something built way back in the late 1980’s.

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