Presentation over, now we wait to hear about Zach Thomas’ fate

The Pro Football Hall of Fame voting members are behind closed doors as the top 10 remaining finalists for the 2020 class are debated and voted on.

As we sit, Zach Thomas is being discussed and his career dissected. The voters are hearing the arguments for all 10 of the 2020 Pro Football Hall of Fame nominees but for the Miami Dolphins, for their fans, nothing matters more than hearing Zach Thomas’ name.

Thomas’ debate is likely over now. While we believe and many in the NFL believe that he should be in, it is now whether or not Miami Herald beat writer, Armando Salguero made a big enough impression on the voters to get Thomas elected.

It will still be hours, in all likelihood, until we learn whether or not he is a Hall of Fame linebacker, officially. There are plenty more minutes to debate, plenty more film and statistics to dissect for nine other players. It appears for now, however, that Thomas’ debate is over and sits waiting for that final vote.

While I don’t know where he is at right now, my guess is in a room at the hotel where the voting is happening. He is waiting for a knock on the door and not a phone call. It is probably the most stressed he has been since being a rookie entering the league.

The finalists include Thomas, Tony Boselli, John Lynch, Edgerrin James, Isaac Bruce, Steve Atwater, LeRoy Butler, Alan Faneca, Torry Holt, Steve Hutchinson, Sam Mills, Tory Polamalu, Richard Seymour, Reggie Wayne, and Bryant Young.

For Thomas, he is closely compared to first-ballot Hall of Fame linebacker Brian Urlacher who entered the Hall in 2018. Thomas posted 1,727 tackles to Urlacher’s 1,354. Thomas had 20.5 sacks to Urlacher’s 41.5.

The numbers are very close and in reality, Thomas should not have waited this long but today, he could finally get in. If not, the drama will continue for at least another year.

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