Joe Burrow meets with the Miami Dolphins puts demand rumors to rest

When the NFL opens the draft in April, it shouldn’t take long to hear the name Joe Burrow and it is likely that the Miami Dolphins will not be the team who drafts him.

With the NFL Combine beginning, this week and players already in Indianapolis for measurements and interviews, the top QB prospect, Joe Burrow has already met with the Miami Dolphins. That doesn’t mean he will be joining their roster.

Burrow said that he liked what the Dolphins have done but he also put to bed the rumors that he would use his leverage to not play for the Bengals, the team most likely to draft him number one overall.

“I think they have a lot of assets and it seems like they’ve begun to build a team that can be successful in this league,” Burrow said Tuesday morning. ” … They seem to be doing the right things.” – via the Palm Beach Post

Burrow had recently said that he has leverage as well as the Bengals. Many believed that to be an indication that he would inform the team he did not want to be drafted by them but he has backed off those statements. Talking with reporters he said that he is a ballplayer and was not going to “not” play. He said, “I’ll play for whoever drafts me”.

That’s good news for the Bengals. Less so for the Miami Dolphins who don’t pick until five if they don’t trade up. Speculation has been all over social media that the Dolphins will try to move up to number three but that is going to be a very costly move, moving to number one will cost considerably more.

Miami seems to be focusing their attention on Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert but there remains an outside shot that for whatever reason, Burrow is not drafted number one overall. If that happens, it will be interesting to see what the Dolphins decide to do in regards to moving up or staying put.

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