Teams to decide on 5th year options, Miami Dolphins don’t have to

NFL teams will be deciding soon whether to pick up the 5th year options on the first-round draft picks for the 2021 season. The Miami Dolphins don’t have to.

As the NFL calendar ticks away, 5th-year options for the next class of draft picks from four years ago will soon be made but for the Miami Dolphins, they simply don’t have anyone to assign a 5th-year option to.

Barring any moves this off-season that would bring a former first-round draft pick who still is playing on their rookie contract, the Miami Dolphins don’t have anyone to assign a 5th-year option to. Last year took care of that for the foreseeable future.

Laremy Tunsil would have been the next in line for that additional season but the Dolphins traded him away to the Texans. Later in the year, they traded Minkah Fitzpatrick out of the building.

The next several years, again barring a trade, the Dolphins will not have any 5th-year options to hand out. The next player in line would be Charles Harris but it would be shocking and probably pretty stupid to pick up his option. After that, it moves to last year’s number pick, Christian Wilkins.

Of course, the opposite side to that coin is that the Dolphins could draft five players in round one over the next two years and that would mean four years from now, the Dolphins will have to make a decision on three of them. Assuming they draft three players in round one this year.

The trades made last year may not sit well with may fans but that could change when the Dolphins use those selections to rebuild their roster the way they want it built.