Miami Dolphins find a running back in former Eagles Jordan Howard

Miami has been busy thus far in free agency and now they add a solid running back in Jordan Howard to help strengthen this team’s running game.

The Miami Dolphins have already made numerous splashes in free agency, signing players left and right to fill the variety of holes on the roster. Just now, Miami added former Bears and Eagles running back Jordan Howard to that ever-growing list of new additions.

Adam Schefter reported that the Dolphins have agreed to sign Howard to a 2-year deal, worth $10 million which is a great price for a back like Howard. With this deal, Miami is not committing long term to Howard and this keeps the door open for drafting a running back in next month’s draft to help compliment Howard’s skill set. James Morris is also reporting the same.

Miami desperately needed to sign a running back this offseason. There were a few rumors circulating about the Dolphins being interested in signing Melvin Gordon in free agency. I, for one, am thrilled we didn’t go that route and found a bargain in Howard. Howard presents a cheap, low-risk signing who could step into the starting role and immediately improve the pass rush.

Howard has carved out a solid career for himself during his time in Chicago and Philadelphia. He averaged over 1,000 yards in his first two seasons (1313 yards and 6 TDs in 2016 and 1122 yards and 9 TDs in 2017) and just under 1,000 in his third year (935 yards ad 9 TDs in 2018). He was traded to the Eagles in 2019, where he had a less than stellar year, only amassing 525 yards and 6 TDs in a limited role. He struggled with some injuries and a few inconsistencies, but those seem to be far from the norm based on his career numbers.

All Dolphin fans everywhere know how terrible the run game was last season. Miami struggled to get all of their running backs going throughout the 2019 season, due in part to the lack of talent in the backfield. Howard’s signing will immediately upgrade the running game and will give Ryan Fitzpatrick a back who can help make plays out of the backfield. Howard was a great addition who can really help this team out.