Tom Brady to the Miami Dolphins is gaining rumor mill momentum

The Miami Dolphins are expected to draft a quarterback in April and leave free agent QB’s alone but Tom Brady is back in play for Miami. Or so it seems.

The rumors won’t die. They won’t go away. The Miami Dolphins are still one of the teams that Tom Brady could end with in free agency and some fans are not smiling.

There was talk a while back about Tom Brady joining the Dolphins but Stephen Ross put a bit of a wet towel over that talk telling media “Why he would want to come to join us”. Now, free agency is flowing and other team’s quarterback situations are getting settled and here we are again hearing that Tom Brady could be joining the Dolphins.

Earlier today, Brady posted a message to the Patriots fan base thanking them for all the years of support. On Monday night he met with Bob Kraft and had a long talk and while Kraft said he wasn’t happy that Brady has decided to leave, he hopes the best for his longtime QB.

Yes, Tom Brady is leaving the Patriots but he may not be done in the AFC East.

According to multiple rumors by mainstream media members, the Dolphins are still one of the teams in play for the QB. Tampa Bay and the L.A. Chargers are still the so-called front runners right now and there are beliefs that Brady’s wife wants to be on the West coast which makes sense. Brady also has a son who lives on that side of the country as well.

The quarterback situation in free agency is dynamic at the moment. Teddy Bridgewater looks to be landing with the Panthers who have given Cam Newton permission to seek a trade, the Saints re-signed Drew Brees to a two-year extension, Phillip Rivers looks to be landing with the Colts, and Marcus Mariota signed with the Raiders. Tom Brady is the big domino that hasn’t fallen yet. That might change soon.

The Dolphins have been active in the free-agent market and no one believes that they are done yet but if Tom Brady joins the team, things will certainly get a lot more interesting. For the record, not only do I not want Brady in Miami, I’m also not buying into the rumors. It seems more of a play by his agent/s to use Miami as a catalyst to more money.


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