Byron Jones got a big Miami Dolphins deal, here is what we think about it

The Miami Dolphins made a big move to land top cornerback Byron Jones in free agency and the pricetag has left some fans shell shocked.

When it was announced that the Miami Dolphins were signing free agent cornerback Byron Jones many fans were thrilled with the agreement but after seeing the sticker price, some backed off that feeling. Here on PhinPhanatic, we have a myriad of reactions.

Continuing our look at the Dolphins free agent signings, we give you are quick-hit thoughts on the signing of Jones.

Nick Belloto

  • Bringing in Byron Jones is a big deal for Miami. He may have come at a lofty price, but if he and Xavien Howard can work well together, they should be a corner duo that could rival any in the NFL.

James Anderson

  • They went big! Sure with it comes great cost but having two good corners if that’s how this plays out can work wonders. We have seen the scheming of blitz packages and now with that extra time, we should see better results from a versatile defense. My only concerns is the low interception rate and I shudder to think he could be former Dolphins’ corner Sean Smith‘s hands of stone’ all over again. If that turns out to be the case let’s hope it gets coached out of him.

Shawn Digity

  • I really like the Byron Jones signing. He’ll bounce right in and play opposite Xavien Howard. Imagine that duo. You don’t have to overthink this one.

James Anderson

  • Considered a good ‘man cover corner’ but the Dolphins would have been better off signing Conklin or Reader. Not a fan of signing a 28-yr old corner who relies on his athleticism to a 5 year deal and came here just for the money.