Miami Dolphins Kyle Van Noy says everyone want to play for Brian Flores

The Miami Dolphins held video introductions for their free-agents on Friday and one new member, Kyle Van Noy knows why Brian Flores is going to succeed.

Brian Flores was impressive in 2019 in his first year with the Miami Dolphins and while they only won five games, there was something impressive that stood out, especially towards the end of the year. Free-agent addition and former Patriot linebacker Kyle Van Noy, might know why.

Van Noy was asked about Brian Flores and what made him decide to join the Dolphins, a team that hasn’t won the division since 2008. Van Noy was pretty clear. The answer was easy to answer.

“That’s an easy question to answer. Just, I respect him as a coach, what he brings to the table, what he’s all about on the field and off.

Van Noy is very familiar with Flores having played under him with the Patriots since being drafted until last season. His rejoining Flores in Miami isn’t a surprise.

. Just the type of attitude he has, the grit he has, the competitiveness he has. I mean, who doesn’t want to play for a coach like that? He’s ready to go all the time, and he brings that same energy each and every day. That’s what you want as a coach; and as a player, that’s who I want to play for.” – Via

The theme of several players on Friday centered on Brian Flores and the respect that they have for him. This was something that many fans questioned when he was rumored to be the target of Chris Grier ahead of the 2019 season.

Flores put together a group of coaches in his first season that was relatively inexperienced and then started the 2020 off-season by firing his offensive coordinator and watching several others leave for other teams. The question of whether he could attract top free agents was a question mark.

It was answered. Flores’ first year as a head coach was something players around the league took notice of and Miami didn’t have to overspend in free agency in order to entice them to join the team. This is indicative of a solid well-respected head coach, something the Dolphins really haven’t had since Jimmy Johnson was on the sideline.

Now that Flores is getting the players he wants, they need to prove to the rest of us that they can in fact, win. If they don’t, it won’t matter what kind of respect they have for him. Still, the biggest positive is that Miami is a destination again without the big chunks of money tied to contracts to entice them.