Miami Dolphins mock draft with bold move in round one

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With April now upon us, the NFL Draft is closer. In our latest Miami Dolphins mock draft, we look at a potentially costly move at the top of round one.

Heading into the draft, the Miami Dolphins mock drafts have been focusing on key areas of need at quarterback, offensive tackle, center, pass rusher, linebacker, and free safety. Will that change in our latest mock?

In this edition, the Dolphins make a dramatic move for their star quarterback of the future.  It will take a lot to pry the first overall pick away from the Bengals and that is what the Dolphins do here by offering all three of their first-round picks in the 2020 draft.

In my opinion, it would be smarter for the Bengals to take picks 5 and 18 and a first next year, seeing as both the Texans and Dolphins will be drafting higher than 26th next season.  However, the Bengals crave ‘instant gratification’ and value a lower first-round pick this year rather than a higher one 12 months from now.

Round 1, Pick #1:  Joe Burrow, QB, LSU

Congratulations Dolphins fans!  Your team has its ‘franchise QB’.  Burrow showed he has all the traits needed to succeed in the NFL:  accuracy, touch, pocket presence and the ‘it factor’ when it matters most.

Some people knock Burrow because they see his 2019 season as a one-year ‘fluke’; noting his lackluster stats from 2018.  What doesn’t show up on the stat sheet is that Burrow was a late transfer to LSU and he finished strong in his last four games of the year.

Is this a hefty price to pay for Burrow?  You bet!  Is it the kind of moves that can change the fortunes of a franchise?  Just ask Kansas City.

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