Should the Miami Dolphins permanently return to the retro style uniforms?

A number of NFL teams are revamping their uniforms, raising the question as to whether or not the Miami Dolphins should follow suit.

The Miami Dolphins have a fine set of jerseys and uniforms in the NFL at present, but that is just what they are: fine.

When the Dolphins unveiled their revamped logo, a new, clean set of uniforms were also unveiled to try and bring the team firmly into the 2010s while looking to put the first decade or so of the new century behind them.

The new style hasn’t seen results change on the field, with just one playoff appearances since the change in 2013, but one of the more recent trends certainly has the team looking more impressive at times during the NFL season.

Teams have recently brought in alternate jerseys, some in the style of the colour rush, which has seen fans get to see their teams in a new style or even adopt a style of successful seasons’ past.

For the Dolphins, they have used the colour rush to bring back the orange jerseys that were popular during the 2000s, but it has been their retro throwback that truly makes the Miami Dolphins look the part.

The Dolphins’ throwback style is a modern take on the team’s most successful period of the 1970s, where legends such as Bob Griese, Larry Csonka and Paul Warfield contributed to two Super Bowl successes in three appearances.

While wearing these uniforms, the Dolphins also bring back the more popular dolphin in a helmet primary logo that many other legends of the team, including Dan Marino, all wore during far more successful eras of the team.

The increased use of these throwbacks does beg the question: should they become the team’s primary home uniforms, replacing the current style they have used for the past seven years?

One team that took this type of approach to their recent uniform rebranding is the Cleveland Browns, who have brought back the highly popular traditional style that the team was best recognised for, replacing the colour-clashing style that they attempted.

The clean, traditional style with white numbers, brown jersey and a white and orange stripe sleeve is what the Browns are best known for, making it an immediately recognisable style for any football fan.

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers have also taken this type of approach, bringing their new uniforms more in line with the successful teams of the early 2000s.

For the Dolphins, their current uniforms are fine, but are somewhat plain and even to this day, still don’t quite feel like the same team.

The throwbacks bring the team back to its roots, paying homage to the successes of the past while fitting in perfectly in the modern era.

Even if the Miami Dolphins kept their current logo on helmets, the use of the throwback style jerseys should be a move that is made in the near future, following other teams around the league in their refresh, while ensuring the team retains its recognisable style.

This could help younger fans also connect with the team’s past, seeing the same style jerseys worn by their modern heroes as those that their parents and grandparents talk about.

It’s unlikely that this happens any time soon, but it could be a decision that fans truly get behind and support, especially if it coincides with more success for the team.

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