Final PhinPhanatic 2020 NFL Mock Draft: Full first round with trades

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The NFL Draft has finally arrived and soon the 2020 NFL mock draft season will be officially over, including the endless quarterback speculations.

It is time for the real NFL Draft and that means it is time for our final 2020 NFL mock draft of the year! This is my first and only full first-round mock that I have done this year and I am including trades where I think they will actually occur.

This year’s NFL Draft will not be hosted by the city of Las Vegas or by the Raiders. Selections will be made at homes across the country in various offices of the general manager with Commissioner Roger Goodell announcing them from his basement.

With so much riding on this draft and so many teams uncertain about where they may go, this has to be one of the biggest and hardest drafts to predict but we are going to give it a try anyway. Here we go! (If tradition holds true, no matter how many times I edited this, I’m likely to have one player picked twice! You have been warned.)


Joe Burrow

Quarterback, Cincinnati Bengals

This is not so much a no-brainer as it used to be. There is a very good chance that the Bengals trade out of this spot. While Burrow makes a ton of sense, the Bengals have more than just a quarterback need and more picks will address those. Plus they could still get a first-round QB that will excite the fans in Cincinnati.


Chase Young

DE/OLB, Washington Commanders

Is there a safer bet in this draft? I don’t think so. Young is going to be a great NFL edge rusher and he will immediately make the Redskins better on defense. For the Redskins, they need to hit this one out of the park and there is no pick in this draft that has so much upside with little downside. Add into this mix the fact that new head coach Ron Rivera is a really good defensive coach, this is a match made in heaven.


Tua Tagovailoa VIA TRADE w/ Lions

Quarterback, Los Angeles Chargers

Honestly, I’m not sure this trade happens but it would make sense and I think the Chargers jump at a low offer from the Lions. Tagovailoa would do well in L.A., if he can stay healthy. That is the biggest question mark with Tagovailoa and one reason that I’m not sure any team moves up for him. Still, the Lions are in a position to take what they can get and still draft they player they want later.


Tristan Wirfs

Tackle, New York Giants

This is a safe pick for the Giants and Dave Gettleman needs to protect his young QB. The Giants have a lot of needs but don’t expect them to trade out of this spot unless a team like the Jaguars offer a big package to get ahead of the Dolphins to draft a QB. Two first-round picks might be the trick to get the Giants brass to actually trade a first-round pick. Still, I don’t think that happens.

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