No Justin Herbert at five for Miami Dolphins according to a report

With the NFL Draft now only a couple of days away, more speculation and rumors are beginning to surface. Now a report suggests the Miami Dolphins will not draft Justin Herbert at five.

According to a new report from Tony Pauline of the ProFootball Network, the Miami Dolphins are not considering Justin Herbert at five, or at least owner Stephen Ross is is making it sound like he is not.

Pauline has reported that the Dolphins will draft either Tua Tagovailoa or will draft and offensive lineman at five overall according to his sources and that they like Jordan Love more than Herbert as well.

Recently, Herbert has seen his name linked to Miami quite a bit but of course, no one is talking in the Dolphins circle of executives. Pauline’s “source” on this is someone close to Stephen Ross. He says that person said that Ross is talking “as though Justin Herbert is not in the team’s plans with the 5th overall pick”.

Pauline goes further to say that sources have told him that if it is not a quarterback at number five it will be offensive tackle Andre Thomas. He also mentions Ezra Cleveland and a couple of other tackles for later in round one.

With the draft only days away, more rumor and speculation is going to come out before the draft actually arrives. Pauline has hit on some hot rumors in his long coverage of the NFL. Last year he was one of those at the top of the Laremy Tunsil trade. In a few days, we will know if he is right.