Three players the Miami Dolphins will miss in 2020

For all the changes the Miami Dolphins made this past off-season, moving on from players the previous year is always hard and 2020 is no different.

The Miami Dolphins have made a lot of changes this off-season from the 11 draft picks they added to the numerous players they allowed to leave in free agency. Of course, that says nothing about the additions they made in free agency themselves.

All things being equal, the Miami Dolphins are off-season winners but that equates to not one single football victory. Here are three players that the Dolphins might miss in 2020.


Imagine if Reshad Jones would have taken a paycut like Albert Wilson. Imagine if he would have put the interests of the team first. Maybe he did, let’s say he did. Let’s say he went to Chris Grier and told him that he would take a paycut to remain in Miami. Jones is on the decline but he would still make for a fantastic substitution player in Dolphins secondary. A player who could have become a leader and teacher.

For whatever reason, he isn’t with Miami. Whether they didn’t ask him to cut his salary or not, he is no longer here. Jones had a period of years where he was one of the best but his time at the top wasn’t long and injuries hurt his production and some sideline issues didn’t do him well in the eyes of many fans. Regardless, when he was playing well, he was so good in run support and protecting the top of the secondary.


Now with the Buffalo Bills as a free agent signing, Boehm was a key to the Dolphins offensive line getting better as the season rolled on last year. Still young, Boehm was developing but it was clear that the Dolphins had a much different vision of what they want for the offensive line. Boehm came to Miami from the Colts after the Dolphins traded a 2020 draft pick for Boehm and a Colt’s 2020 draft pick.

The trade was a push and Boehm played decent enough at center but clearly they wanted to go in a different direction and didn’t see him as part of the future. Still, his ability to play guard and center could have made camp competition a lot better but the signing of Ted Karras made him expendable.


Honestly, there isn’t much to choose from. Most of the players Miami allowed to leave or released were not really vital members to the roster or were players that the team was giving up too soon on. Aikens had been around awhile and while he wasn’t much in the secondary, he was valued on special teams. He is still available and maybe he gets brought back once training camp opens.