Davon Godchaux reminds us: QB is great but means nothing without work

Davon Godchaux likes that Miami Dolphins drafted a quarterback but it comes with a “but”.

The Miami Dolphins hosted Davon Godchaux on Thursday for the media via Zoom and he had some thoughts on new QB Tua Tagovailoa. And more.

Godchaux was not surprised by the selection of Tagovailao and while he recognized the fact that Miami fans have been excited about having a first-round quarterback, it won’t mean anything if they don’t put the work in to get better.

He didn’t cite Tagovailoa specifically as saying he needs to work, it was a blanket statement that was directed at himself and the entire team. He talked about having each other’s trust, from the guy next to him, Christian Wilkins, to the rest of the defensive line, linebackers, and secondary. The same for the offense. Everyone putting in the tough work on the field and building trust off of it.

Godchaux also talked about Josh Boyer the team’s new defensive coordinator. He was clear that the transition from Patrick Graham last year shouldn’t be that much and said that Boyer had a voice last year with Graham so players know what to expect already and what he expects as well.

When talking about the rebuild, Godchaux was very clear that everyone “wants to win” but he said it is a process and cited the Patriots and that it took “days” for the process to be built. He said you everybody has to take steps to win.

Davon Godchaux enters a contract year at the right time.

For now, Godchaux is entering the final year of his rookie contract. We have seen the Dolphins recently pay to keep their roster intact as much as possible but under this new coaching regime, is there the same priority on the defensive front? That might depend on what Godchaux does this year.

He isn’t thinking about his contract and when asked, Godchaux said that he is approaching this year the same as any other. He works on getting better and works on his strengths and weaknesses. Whether it is a contract year or not, he just wants to get better. This year, with more talent around, he has a good opportunity to make a big jump.