Ryan Fitzpatrick savors his quarantine time with his kids but isn’t throwing

Miami Dolphins Ryan Fitzpatrick isn’t throwing during his off-season.

Like all of us, or at least most of us, Ryan Fitzpatrick and other NFL football players are stuck at home under quarantine orders. Like most of us, Fitzpatrick is enjoying his time but he isn’t throwing the football.

On Thursday, Ryan Fitzpatrick participated in a Zoom call with members of the media from his home in Arizona. He told them that while it is a bit different being home with all his kids, he is enjoying the time. His brother who has five kids live next door. So there are a lot of kids. 12 to be exact.

When asked if he was doing any throwing to anyone, including any of the kids, Fitzpatrick said he is not.

“I really don’t – the past eight or nine years, I don’t throw a whole lot during the offseason. I just like to let my arm rest a little bit” – Ryan Fitzpatrick via teleconference courtesy of Miami Dolphins.

It really shouldn’t be too much of a surprise given the fact he has been around for almost 15 years. His entire body needs rest but he is probably getting enough exercise chasing the kids around. He did say that the team is participating in Zoom calls and going over plays with the other quarterbacks including Tua Tagovailoa.

Ryan Fitzpatrick is a cheerleader for Tagovailoa but wants to start.

Statistically, Fitzpatrick’s best season came under Chan Gailey way back with the Jets. Fitzpatrick says that Gailey’s system allows players to play to their strengths and calls his offense something that is “easy to learn”. He also said that it is tough for defenses to adjust to.

The team is currently conducting two-hour sessions via video conferencing and while they can’t get together, Fitzpatrick believes that the process can work for them as they have a smaller group and can ask questions about the plays they are studying but he also said that it requires home study as well. That type of discipline is why he has been in the NFL as long as he has.