Mike Gesicki and TE’s acclimating to offense with Ryan Fitzpatrick’s help

Mike Gesicki is learning the offense with help from Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The Miami Dolphins are in quarantine and that means that Mike Gesicki, the other tight-ends, the receivers, and everyone else on the offensive line are not in classrooms learning Chan Gailey’s offense. With help from Ryan Fitzpatrick, Gesicki says it is getting better.

Ryan Fitzpatrick has played in the Chan Gailey system before when he was with the New York Jets. Not much has changed in the actual system itself but for players that are learning it for the first time, every bit of assistance will help.

Speaking with the media via a Miami Dolphins Zoom conference, Gesicki spoke a bit about what this learning process is like considering they are still in virtual classes and not on a football field or the training facility.

It’s been super productive to be on those Zoom meetings and be able to talk to our new offensive coordinator, Chan Gailey, and kind of be able to talk with ‘Fitz’ (Ryan Fitzpatrick), being that he’s played in this kind of system before. – Via Miami Dolphins Zoom conference call

Gesicki points out that while every team is having to do the Zoom conferencing thing, not every team is learning a new offensive system. Although that is correct most teams do have new players that will need to pick it up.

Gesicki says that tight ends coach George Godsey is helping a lot and that they are working on the run game offense and their role in the protection schemes.

This is important and the more they can get down now, the more they will be able to translate to the field when they finally get on it. There have been reports that Gailey’s offense, while intricate, is not a hard system to learn. That is good as the Dolphins are going to need their players up to speed in what could very well be a shortened training camp come August.