Miami Dolphins history of trades with the Cincinnati Bengals

The history of trades between the Miami Dolphins and Cincinnati Bengals is a thin book.

Continuing the look at the AFC North and trades between the Miami Dolphins and the rest of that division, we take a quick stop in Cincinnati to review the trades made with them.

Our stop in Cincinnati will be brief. Since 1966, the Miami Dolphins have made two trades with the Bengals but the biggest trade may very well have been the one that didn’t happen last April.

The jury will remain out for quite a while on who will be the better quarterback, Joe Burrow or Tua Tagovailoa but leading up to April’s draft and the immediate days before it, there was a lot of speculation that Miami would trade a lot of draft capital to move up to number one. That didn’t happen but the two trades below did.

In 1967, George Wilson, Sr. traded quarterback John Stofa to the Bengals for a first and second-round draft pick in 1968. The Dolphins used those picks to draft offensive tackle Doug Curan who spent seven seasons with Miami starting 62 games. In round two, they drafted TE Jim Cox. Cox would spend one season in the NFL before leaving the league.

Stofa would go on to play two seasons with the Bengals and then return to Miami as a back-up for two years before his career came to an end.

As for the 2nd trade, a few years later the Dolphins sent a conditional draft pick for a back-up quarterback who never made the roster.

The list of trades ends there so the trade that almost was but wasn’t last April would have been the biggest trade between the two franchises. Still, with the success of Curran, Miami still has the better end of the trade history.