Highest rated OT/DT for the 2019 Miami Dolphins might just surprise you!

Do you know who the highest rated Offensive Tackle or Defensive Tackle for the 2019 Miami Dolphins? The answer will surprise you.

During the end of the 2019 Miami Dolphins season, we saw a team tired of the narrative “tanking”, come together, and change the perception. With a 5-4 record for the final nine games of 2019 season, perception became to change.

During that late-season push, we saw multiple players come in and take snaps to play those games due to so many injuries during the year. Two of those snap earners, PFF graded them very well for their limited amount of snaps played.

First on the list has less of a chance to see the field for 2020, Adam Pankey saw the Miami Dolphins invest heavily in his position during the 2020 NFL offseason. Miami drafted Tackles Austin Jackson and Robert Hunt. But his 12 snaps taken during the 2019 NFL season might be the jumping-off point he needed to stick around for some much-needed depth. Pankey’s 63.1 overall is decent, but his 72.9 pass block grade shows me there is potential.

More likely to see the field for the 2020 Miami Dolphins during regular season play is waiver claim, Zack Seiler. After starting the season with the Baltimore Ravens, Seiler saw snaps as a Miami Dolphin in weeks 15 Against the New York Giants, Week 16 against the Cincinnati Bengals, and week 17 against the New England Patriots.

His 79 total snaps were well used to make an impression with his new team. His 74.7 Overall Grade, 75.3 Run Def Grade, and 69.8 Pass Rush grade sure made an impression. In only 43 pass-rush snaps, Zach Seiler recorded one sack, three hurries, and two batted passes.

While I do not expect either of these late-season snap earners to start anytime for 2020 Miami Dolphins, quality depth is something all fans should be happy about.