Best Miami Dolphins trades with the Pittsburgh Steelers in history

The Miami Dolphins have made two significant trades with the Steelers.

Last year the Miami Dolphins made a big trade with the Steelers that could turn out to be the best trade between the two clubs.

There isn’t a lot of trades to really dive into when it comes to the Dolphins and Steelers, one reason is that throughout most of the 1970s, the two teams were at the top of the AFC and a quasi-rivalry had developed between the two. The rivalry wouldn’t last but the trade history would really never materialize even after it did.

In 1970 the Dolphins would trade two draft picks, a 5th and an 8th to the Steelers for center Bob DeMarco and WR Willie Richardson. DeMarco had an impressive 13 year NFL career but only played in Miami for two seasons.  Richardson’s nine-year NFL career was spent primarily with the Colts and one year in Miami.

The best trade or at least the best for Miami, for now, is the Minkah Fitzpatrick trade that Miami made last year. The Steelers gave up their 2020 first-round pick which was the 18th overall and the Dolphins used that pick on Austin Jackson, a tackle.

How well this trade turns out for Miami is obviously unknown. The Dolphins are hoping that Jackson can become their top left tackle and solidify the position for years to come. In Pittsburgh, the Steelers got a versatile defender who appears much happier in the AFC North than he was in Miami.

The trade was made in part because Fitzpatrick did not want to play multiple roles on the Dolphins defense but in reality, he just didn’t want to be in Miami.

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